About Sugarleaf

Sugarleaf beanies has been around for 4 years now! The secret of our success? We’ve always had a passion for climbing, hiking and other sports. The brand grew as we grew filled with creative energy and inspiration from the surrounding nature.
Our beanies are made with a crochet hook, and created with love, inspiration and creativity – especially for you
Crocheting has always been my favourite hobby. I love making handmade cosy beanies, and I enjoy designing as much as making them.

The story of Sugarleaf…

Who doesn’t want to own a warm, fluffy, high-quality handmade beanie or headband?
When I realised that there was no more space for another beanie in my wardrobe, I knew it was time to start Sugarleaf. I always dreamt about connecting my lifestyle with my passion for creating and now was the right time to do that. My patience and willingness to take on new challenges helped me achieve what you can see now. All my products are 100% hand made. My effort is evident in the quality and appearance of beanies and headbands. Sugarleaf is not only the next best brand, it is the heart, the soul, a story that must be told.